Kore Therapy - Otherwise known as Oriental Body Balance:

Oriental Body Balance, also known as 'KORE Therapy', involves the functional and mechanical assessment of muscles, joints and ligaments, using a combination of Western diagnostics and Eastern release techniques.

The therapist also evaluates the spinal and pelvic strength and mobility of the individual. The treatment focuses on the root cause of the condition, releasing the irritation and inflammation.


"After a recent hip replacement, I have seen Filipe on a regular basis and found that after each treatment my range of movement is greatly improved" (Susan Liddle, Knaresborough)

"Told I must live with my spinal problems, I went to Filipe in desperation. He took on the challenge and his hard work and successful techniques have given back to me a level of activity I had lost long ago." (Angela J Swann, Selby)

"Filipe has significantly improved my back problems over the last few months." (Dr M Shah, Huddersfield)

"Following a fall, surgery on a shattered femur and a broken hip, and two-weeks in hospital and several weeks on an exercise regime, I realised my injuries were worse than first thought. From my first visit to Filipe I managed without my crutches. Because of his expertise, kindness and understanding, I would recommend him to anyone." (Mrs K, Harrogate)

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